Byron City Church is a new (commonly called a "church plant") in middle GA. We are a small, non-denomination fellowship of loving people who come from various religious backgrounds, such as Baptist, Methodists, Pentecostals, Catholics, etc. Most of us have been hurt by the 'institutional' church, and simply want to build our relationship with Jesus and throw "religion" out the door. We are not religious people - we are Christians who are in love with Christ Jesus.

Byron City was launched on the idea that church should be simple and centered around relationships, that church should be a place where one finds hope not heartache, healing not hurt, and authenticity not religious bureaucracy and wars. 

Come experience genuine modern worship that reflects the glory of God, the acceptance of imperfect people just like yourself, and verse-by-verse teaching through the Bible, all in a loving environment. 

You've always wanted to learn God's Word...You’ve always wanted to be in a church where people love you as you are! Now you CAN! 

Come as you are. Leave changed.