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Dear Friends,  I read this devotion earlier this week and was really encouraged by it so I wanted to share it.  I hope it blesses you richly.   

Pastor Terry    


Then his mother and his brothers came to him,  but they could not reach him for the crowd.  And he was told,  "Your mother and your brothers are standing outside, desiring to see you."  But he said to them,  "My mother and my brothers are those who hear the word of God and do it."  Luke 8:19-21 19

Meditation:  Who do you love and cherish the most?  God did not intend for us to be alone,  but to be with others.  He gives us many opportunities for developing relationships with family,  friends,  neighbors,  and co-workers.  Why does Jesus seem to ignore his own relatives when they pressed to see him?  His love and respect for his mother and his relatives is unquestionable.  Jesus never lost an opportunity to teach his disciples a spiritual lesson and truth about the kingdom of God.  On this occasion when many gathered to hear Jesus he pointed to another higher reality of relationships, namely our relationship with God and with those who belong to God.

What is the essence of being a Christian?  It is certainly more than doctrine,  precepts,  and commandments.  It is first and foremost a relationship - a relationship of trust,  affection,  commitment,  loyalty,  faithfulness,  kindness,  thoughtfulness,  compassion,  mercy,  helpfulness,  encouragement,  support,  strength,  protection, and so many other qualities that bind people together in mutual love and unity.

God seeks a personal intimate relationship with each one of us!

God offers us the greatest of relationships - union of heart,  mind,  and spirit with himself,  the very author and source of love (1 John 4:8,16).  God's love never fails,  never forgets,  never compromises,  never lies,  never lets us down nor disappoints us.  His love is consistent,  unwavering,  unconditional,  unrelenting and unstoppable.  There is no end to his love.  Nothing in this world can make him leave us,  ignore us,  or withhold from us his merciful love and care (Romans 8:31-39).  He will love us no matter what.  It is his nature to love.  That is why he created us - to be united with him and to share in his love (1 John 3:1).

God is a trinity of divine persons - one in being with the eternal Father,  Son,  and Holy Spirit - and a community of undivided love.  God made us in his image and likeness (Genesis 1:26, 27) to be a people who are free to choose what is good,  loving,  and just and to reject whatever is false and contrary to his love and righteousness (moral goodness).  That is why Jesus challenged his followers,  and even his own earthly relatives,  to recognize that God is the true source of all relationships. G od wants all of our relationships to be rooted in his love and goodness.

The heavenly Father's offer of friendship and adoption

Jesus Christ is God's love incarnate - God's love made visible in human flesh (1 John 4:9-10).  That is why Jesus describes himself as the good shepherd who lays down his life for his sheep and the shepherd who seeks out the sheep who have strayed and lost their way.  God is like the father who yearns for his prodigal son to return home and then throws a great party for his son when he has a change of heart and comes back (Luke 15:11-32). 

Jesus offered up his life on the cross for our sake,  so that we could be forgiven and restored to unity and friendship with God.  It is through Jesus that we become the adopted children of God - his own sons and daughters.  That is why Jesus told his disciples that they would have many new friends and family relationships in his kingdom.  Whoever does the will of God is a friend of God and a member of his family - his sons and daughters who have been ransomed by the precious blood of Jesus Christ.

Through Jesus Christ we become brothers and sisters - members of God's family

Lucian of Antioch (240-312 AD),  an early Christian martyr once said that "a Christian's only relatives are the saints"- namely those who have been redeemed by the blood of Christ and adopted as sons and daughters of God.  Those who have been baptized into Jesus Christ and who live as his disciples enter into a new family,  a family of "saints" here on earth and in heaven.  Jesus changes the order of relationships and shows that true kinship is not just a matter of flesh and blood. 

Our adoption as sons and daughters of God transforms all of our relationships and requires a new order of loyalty to God first and to his kingdom of righteousness and peace.  Do you want to grow in love and friendship?  Allow the Holy Spirit to transform your heart,  mind,  and will to enable you to love freely and generously as God has loved you.  


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Author: Don Schwager