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“God … has blessed us with every spiritual blessing in the heavenly places” (Ephesians 1:3).  

They say that some Christians are “so heavenly-minded, they’re no earthly good.”  However,  I think the opposite might be true.  Many Christians,  like myself at times,  are so concerned with this present world that they fail to look upward to Heaven.  This fixation on this world has been escalated to new level this past week as many saw the elections turn in a way that most evangelicals didn’t expect,  and were not ready to accept.  The disappointment,  perhaps even despair,  came quickly and heavily!  

For me,  it was a good time to think on the one-word advice my wife gives to our family on a regular basis: Perspective!  “You’ve got to have the right perspective,”  she advises often.  And, you know what?  The advice couldn’t be more relevant than it is today!  

The less-than-desirable election results for Christians doesn’t mean that God has left us stranded,  or that He has forgotten about us.  He’s still on the throne,  and He reminds us all,  through His Word,  that the rights and privileges of our heavenly citizenship are still in force!  We still have an eternal home,  with a heavenly inheritance,  and we are still first and foremost citizens of the eternal kingdom of God!  

There’s an old spiritual song that says, “This world is not my home,  I’m just a passin’ through.”  Paul said the same thing in Philippians 3:20:  “Our citizenship is in heaven,  from which also we eagerly wait for a Savior,  the Lord Jesus Christ.” 

That’s why we must set our minds on heavenly things,  not earthly things (Colossians 3:1–2).  Our deepest affections should be on God’s eternal kingdom.  Our actions and decisions should reflect heavenly priorities,  not earthly circumstances or elections.  

Let’s dwell on the fact that this world is not our home and allow that to encourage us today to live to His glory and to rely on His heavenly provisions.  Let’s take care that we don’t allow these temporary disappointments to distract us from our heavenly citizenship and its priorities.  

Rather than fall into despair over the results of an election,  let’s take time to tell the Lord how thankful we are because of the place He is preparing for us in Heaven (John 14:1–3),  and ask Him to keep our perspective on our eternal citizenship.  


Pastor Myke