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Interestingly, Memorial Day was originally called Decoration Day when it was instituted in 1868 because it was a day set aside to decorate the graves of the fallen men and women who paid the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom. However, the name was later changed to Memorial Day in order to signify that we remember the fallen in many more ways than simply decorating their graves.

It’s not necessarily important how we member them, only that we do so! An untold number of men and women have paid the ultimate sacrifice for the good of our communities and the good of our great nation, and they have earned our respect, our gratitude, and the right to be memorialized because of the constitutional freedoms we so richly enjoy today!

Likewise, there is One who also scarified all for our freedom – our spiritual freedom. Jesus willingly, humbly, and lovingly suffered unimaginable cruelty and death so we could enjoy spiritual freedom for eternity. We should also honor Him today for His sacrifice that enables each of us to live lives free from captivity and slavery, and free from bondage to sin and eternal death. 

This Memorial Day there are two that we remember – the American soldier who served our nation so faithfully and sacrificially that their service ended in death, and the Great Soldier who fought on a dark and evil spiritual battlefield and also died for us. This Great Soldier entered the fight knowing it would cost Him His life, yet He did not waiver and He did not retreat. He fought the battle for our spiritual freedom and won a great victory not just for a nation, but for all of humanity who would call upon His great name! 

Today we salute both the American soldier and the Great Soldier! They are both worthy of our honor and remembrance. 

In Christ alone! 
Pastor Myke