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Friends,   I’d like you to meet a long-time friend to Heidi, Lolita Hershberger and her family. Lolita, her husband Lavern, and their daughter Annaliese Hershberger are among many selfless Christ-followers who are working tirelessly every day to serve Ukrainian refugees in neighboring countries surrounding Ukraine.  

I’ve been amazed to see Christ raise up servants and ambassadors like the Hershbergers throughout Europe to meet the needs of those who have fallen victim to the evils of Russia. While their plight is harsh, heartbreaking, and full of pain, servants like the Hershbergers are being used of God to lessen their pain and provide solace in an otherwise unsettled and tragic time. 

Here's a note from the Hershbergers as they began their ministry to the Ukrainians earlier this month:  

Just sharing a bit of what we as a family and mission are doing. I’m doing this for networking purposes and prayer support.  

All of this activity is totally new for us, we are out of our comfort zone, but there’s a war, people are dying, and everyone is doing everything they can to help. The situation is constantly changing. Sometimes a center tells us they have space, then a few hours later they are full and we have to find another solution.  

We are working on finding accommodation in Poland for 200 children who are being evacuated from orphanages all across Ukraine.  

We arranged housing in Poland for a Belarusian pastor and family who does not want to be forced to fight his Ukrainian brothers.  

We help with organizing and supporting an 80-passenger bus that runs around the clock bringing refugees from the border to Warsaw.  

We go to Warszawa Centralna train station and help refugees get lodging for the night in the refugee centers, buy tickets for their onward journey, carry their luggage, and other things. We buy food for families, make phone calls for them, and answer their questions.  

Most of the people we have been helping have lived in Ukraine for years, but they’re originally from other countries, for example India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Iraq, Turkey, Ghana, Congo, Ethiopia, and many others. Even though they have Ukrainian residence documents, they are given low priority in the Polish refugee care system. We usually communicate with them in English.  

There is a need for more care for people arriving in the train station. We want to find a way to meet this need.  

All funds will be used in the care of refugees, either directly by us or by others that we work with.  

Please lift the Hershbergers up in fervent prayer daily! If you’d like to financially support the work of the Hershbergers in Poland, you can donate through the church and we will get these funds to them immediately. Every penny donated will do directly and exclusively to Ukrainians in need.  

Donate here. Choose fund “Designated: Missions - Ukraine Refugee Relief.”  

You can watch this video to learn more about the Hershbergers.  

God bless and thank you for your generosity! 

Pastor Myke