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Dear church family,  

I’m thankful I haven’t needed to write this letter before now,  as we’ve seen God’s faithfulness in 2020!  While many churches experienced shortfalls (some significant) in giving through the pandemic,  our giving remained constant.  We’ve been able to keep the lights on,  cover the other fixed monthly expenses,  and continue our support for critically important ministries like Out of Darkness,  Abba House, Calvary Chapel PacasmayoAngel Tree Ministry, Girl Scout Troup 60675,  our own CARE (benevolence) ministry,  and others.

Because of your generosity,  we haven’t missed a beat in the mission or ministries of the church through November.  Transparently, however, December has presented a significant challenge for us. Our giving has decreased substantially.

So much so that it’s important that we make you aware of the shortfall.  Without last minute gifts,  we’ll be required to utilize reserve funds to cover our regular monthly expenses.  While our giving needs each month are approximately $6200, we’ve only received about $3975 in designated tithes in offerings through today, a shortfall of $2225.

Given the shortfall,  I’d like to ask you to prayerfully consider making a year-end contribution to help us cover this shortfall.  Perhaps you don’t ordinarily give but can do so in an extraordinary time like this.  Perhaps you usually do give but haven’t in recent months while you’ve been worshipping with us virtually due to the pandemic.  Perhaps you do already give faithfully and consistently but can make an additional gift to help us cover our shortfall without using reserves.  

Whatever your current situation,  we’re thankful for any gift you can provide during these challenging times!  

To those that do give regularly, let me again Thank You. To those who are considering a gift now, I also say Thank You. Let me also ask you to only give as the Lord leads – we’ll never urge compulsive or emotional giving, and we’re committed to simply and transparently communicating our financial needs and then allowing the Lord to meet those needs in His timing and in His ways!  

We know God is faithful. We know that in all our years of ministry, the Lord has never, ever left us alone, and we’ve never been unable to meet our financial obligations.  

Sure, things may be tight at times – they certainly are this month! – but the Bible tells us that God is always faithful (2 Tim 2:13).  We trust Him and know that where God guides,  God provides.  

Thank you again for considering a contribution (or an additional contribution) to Byron City Church. Remember that contributions are tax deductible. Also remember that the Lord has committed Himself to bless those who give to the local ‘storehouse,’ also known as the local church (Mal 3:10).

In His service, and with our thanks for your generosity,  

Pastor Myke Harbuck


Church financial statements are available in the lobby by the end of the month (for the preceding month).  Please take one so you can keep up to date on the church's giving and expenses.  Beginning January 2021, they will also be available in The Neighborhood, our online member portal.