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Dear friends and family,

I’m super excited to be starting a new teaching series tomorrow on the book of Judges – Broken People, Faithful God!

Judges is the seventh book of the Bible, and tells us of the time after Joshua, when the nation of Israel inherits the Promised Land.  Unfortunately, it's not a very nice story, and the book of Judges contains some of the most brutally violent, bloody, and depraved texts in all of scripture.  It's definitely not a book for the faint of heart.

Yet, gloriously, even in the blood-stained pages of the book of Judges we can see the GOSPEL running throughout its pages:

We see the depth of our sin and the terrible consequences it brings, and we see our desperate need for a Savior from the sin that entangles us.

We see a God of grace who, time after time, comes to the aid of his people even though they have done nothing to earn his favor. 

We see a covenant God of faithfulness who will not abandon his people; no matter how far they fall from him, he will always work to draw them back unto himself. 

We see broken, imperfect people who humble themselves before a holy God and are used for his purposes. 

All of these things are part of God's story, God's message, and God's invitation to all people to be a part of his kingdom. That’s what the GOSPEL is all about!

The people of God are NEVER beyond the reach of God’s grace. In the book of Judges, we see Israel in bad shape, but a new day is around the corner when God will provide, from the line of David, King Jesus, a Deliverer that will NEVER fail us! 

I hope that we discover as we study this great book that no sin, no failure, no despair, no brokenness is beyond the reach of God’s grace and compassion. In light of God’s faithfulness to Israel in Judges, our only response can be to worship him and live for his glory?

I'm looking forward to rediscovering our faithful God among broken people in the book of Judges over the next few months at Byron City Church, and I hope you will join us on this journey!

In His love,
Pastor Myke