How We Began

Byron City began with Pastor Myke's vision to plant 5 churches in 10 years and to reach unchurched people, especially younger generations,  in the middle GA area.  The vision was to plant churches that were free of religious pretense and unhealthy tradition (we acknowledge that some traditions are healthy and good).

After years of prayer,  a small group of 5 people intentionally set out to plant a new,  vibrant fellowship.  Originally launched in 2014 as CentralPoint Chapel with support from Northside Baptist Church in Centerville,  GA,  the church was relocated,  rebranded as Byron City Church,  and relaunched in December 2017,  settling into the Peach Shops in Byron.

Today,  we are a small,  non-denominational fellowship of loving people who come from various religious backgrounds such as Baptist,  Methodists,  Pentecostals,  Catholics,  etc.,  who simply love the Lord and want to know Him better. 

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