Acts 22:23-23:11

Is Christian patriotism biblical? Maybe.

Christian patriotism is one of many root cases as to why we live in a time of acute political polarization. The toxic tone and extremely hostile and confrontational nature of political discussion today has caused many Christians to fail to consider what the Bible teaches about government, ethics, behavior, and how faith should inform one’s politics. 

To determine if our patriotism is biblical, we must ask these questions: 

1. Do we exercise your rights as citizens of the USA and recognizes them as part of God’s lavish blessings on our lives!

2. Do we compromise on issues where Bible is absolutely clear (abortion, support for Israel, the sanctity of marriage).

3. Do we remember that we are Christ-followers and Bible-believer FIRST.

4. Do we love, love, love those we disagree with or do not align with politically, or do we bash them on social media, insult them, and fight with them?