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I've been the worship leader at Byron City Church for about six years.  It is one of my greatest passions to lead others in worship,  as we bring glory to our great God.

It is my prayer that our worship would be more than a song and that we would display a lifestyle of worship each and every day.

I've been the worship leader at Byron City Church for about six years. 

My name is Amy Hopper and I am a lot of fun to be around : )  Guitars, shopping,  and coffee are a few of my favorite things.  I come from a big family and love spending time with them as often as I can.  I became a Christian when I was eight years old and the Lord is my best friend.  He is so faithful and continues to teach me new things that causes me to fall deeper in love with Him each day.

At this time in my life,  I am single and trusting God for my future.  I am hopeful to be married one day,  but want to make every opportunity to serve Him to the fullest while I'm waiting.  I have two amazing,  Godly parents,  two brothers,  two sisters,  one brother-in-law,  two sister-in-laws,  seven nephews,  and one niece to help keep me company as well.  We have a lot of family gatherings and are very close to one another.

My favorite bible verse is Philippians 4:8, ESV:

Whatever is true,  whatever is honorable,  whatever is just,  whatever is pure,  whatever is lovely,  whatever is of good report.  If there is any virtue,  and if there is any praise,  think on these things.

This verse reminds me that we were created to bring God glory.  It reminds me to keep my attention on what really counts for His kingdom,  to worship rather than worry,  to be thankful rather than selfish,  and to bless rather than receive. 

I love to eat Mexican,  but I love pizza most of all.  They're both super yummy and I wouldn't turn down either of them!

When I am away from home,  I want to be at the beach! The sunshine,  the waves,  toes in the sand,  and of course the smell of tanning lotion makes it the best.  The beauty and sound is breathtaking and I just find it extremely relaxing.  You also usually get a good comedy show watching others : ) . 

My hobbies include playing guitar,  swimming,  shopping,  and spending time with friends and family.
Note from webmaster:  She forgot to tell you that her biggest hobby of all is drinking coffee! :-) 

I am the Director of a local childcare center of about 200 students and 35 employees.  I oversee that staff is instructing and supervising classrooms correctly and I engage with parents to make sure they are at peace with leaving their little ones in our care.  I have to maintain records for the state,  plan the daily schedule,  and manage the everyday responsibilities.

Not too much bothers me,  but when it does,  it's because someone has left a shopping cart in a parking spot,  and I don't notice it,  until I am just about to pull in...grrrr.

I like smiling!  Smiling's my favorite!  I smile when something good happens to a family member.  I smile when it's Friday.  I smile when I see my amazon package has arrived and I smile when I have a fresh cup of coffee in my hand.

Most of all,  I smile when someone gives their heart to the Lord!  What an incredible feeling!

The Lord is my joy and my salvation.  As I said earlier,  He is my best friend and when I think about Him,  I most certainly smile.