Heidi Harbuck

Q&A Time

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I help out with vocals on the worship team and enjoy singing.  I also volunteer as a Kids' City children's church leader,  and also help lead the women's ministry. 

I have been at BCC since inception... a few years,  I can't exactly remember.  But I was one of the first there since my hubbie was the lead planter. ;-)  

I enjoy baking,  campfires,  camping,  backyard birdwatching,  hiking in the mountains,  mountain streams,  waterfalls  (basically time outdoors in the mountains is my favorite get away.)  :-)

You ask why?  It is refreshing and renewing to soak in the peace and wonder from nature that God created for us to enjoy... and for me a shaded and cool rushing mountain stream is music and food for my soul. 

I'm married to "Dr Myke" (LOL, he doesn't like to be called that, but he earned it!),  and mom to Hannah,  Michael,  Helen,  and Matthew  (and 2 dogs and a cat). 

Ah,  this is an easy question!  My favorite verse is Nahum 1:7, NLT: 

The Lord is good; a strong refuge when trouble comes.  He cares for those who trust in Him. 

My favorie foods are Mexican food,  ice cream,  and wings.  And just about any food will do when it's date night with the hubby!! 

I love the Smokey Mountains - Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge!  I hope to retire there one day. 

Camping and time around the campfire.  Hikes through state parks. Cooking and baking.  Cutting grass (yeah,  crazy, I know, LOL). 

I'm currently a home maker and homeschool mom.

I'm in school to be a RT  (Radiologic Technologist),  and will be graduating next May.   I'm enjoying learning things I'll need for the profession,  but thankful that it is a relatively short program.  

My husband,  Pastor Myke,  says that my RT degree is his ticket to retirement.  LOL. 

I'd say one of the most irritating to me are vehicles driving slowly in the middle lane on the interstate!!  I'm usually pretty easy going and try not to have too many things that work their way under my skin. 

Family time,  pretty flowers,  being in nature,  good food,  time with friends,  tubing on the river,  our pets (especially our dog Jack).